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Bright Chevron

8 May

Photos: MPHeagerty

Dress: LuLu’s Cardigan: Target Shoes: Sam Edelman Necklace: Moon and Lola Bracelets: Vintage, H&M, Kate Spade


Painting Roses Red

3 Apr

Photos: MPHeagerty

Dress: Vintage  Cardigan: Target Shoes: Kate Spade Necklace: Moon and Lola Bracelets: H&M, Kate Spade

Pink Jeans and Flowers

1 Feb

Photos: MPHeagerty

Cardigan: Vintage Chambray Shirt: J. Crew Jeans: Target Shoes: Kate Spade Necklace: Moon and Lola Bracelets: H&M and Kate Spade

Burgundy Pants

30 Jan

Photos: MPHeagerty

Cardigan: Seven Jeans Top: C Wonder Pants: Asos Shoes: Nine West Necklace: Vintage Bracelets: H&M and Kate Spade


28 Jan

Photos: MPHeagerty

Sweater: C Wonder  Dress: Kate Spade Tights: Unknown Shoes:JCP Bracelets: H&M, Kate Spade